Please see below a sample of my testimonials.

“Mike took the fear factor out of STEP for me and made it more accessible. He didn’t just go through solutions but highlighted the thought processes involved and made me think for myself, which is what helped me to improve the most. Mike is personable and patient and I found his tutoring invaluable.”

“Just wanted to let you know I passed my STEP paper…. I couldn’t have done it without you and the tuition you provided was more than just helping me through papers but actually giving me vital ‘secrets’ that you’ve gained through years of experience that not only boosted my confidence but was key to me achieving the grade I needed. And it was so worth getting a tutor that specialised in STEP rather than a standard maths tutor, who couldn’t have provided me with the same insight.”

“Michael’s tutoring really aided me in building up my confidence for my STEP exams. Prior to his tutoring I was unable to complete any STEP 3 questions yet after 6 months of weekly sessions, I was able to secure the grades necessary to get me into Cambridge.
He was always friendly and patient when I was unable to grasp a concept.”

“Mike’s help was invaluable in my studying for the STEP exams. His teaching style allowed me to gain confidence in a wide-range of STEP question styles very quickly; without this I don’t think I’d have gained three 1s in the exams. Thanks for all your help!”

“Mike provided tuition for my children covering Maths and Further Maths at AS and A2 level. Not only do they like him as a person, he is clearly highly knowledgeable and, most importantly, they like the clarity of his explanations. They find he is able to teach in minutes a topic teachers have failed to communicate in several lessons. I would recommend Mike to any student.”

“Mike tutored me in preparation for the June STEP papers. At first I found them scarily difficult but he helped me learn how to tackle them with increased confidence. I was delighted to get the result I needed to be accepted by Cambridge. I am certain I could not have achieved it without Mike’s help.”

“I just wanted to say that a really big thankyou for your support over the last few weeks, when I first came to you Matthew had very low confidence in the STEP process and we were finding it hard to find someone that could give him some guidance and knowledge to build that confidence back up again.

In only a short length of time both my wife and I have felt that Matthew has learnt more from your 1:1 sessions than he benefitted from both his 2 days at Warwick and the week at Cambridge. Matthew’s comment just prior to the 2nd session was I have been looking forward to my STEP tuition all day today; his confidence and enthusiasm has returned.
Once again thanks very much for you time and I will look to recommend you to anyone that is requiring this type of tuition in the future.”

“My daughter had been struggling with Statistics at school but after Mike’s help, she achieved an A in the S2 paper and an A overall in Maths at A2. Mike was a really good tutor. My daughter liked the fact that as well as being knowledgeable and helpful, he was calm and was happy to help her with whatever aspects she was having difficulty with each him.

I would definitely recommend him.”

“I would highly recommend Michael as a tutor. He has an excellent helpful organised approach and remains professional at all times. Mike has great enthusiasm for his subject and is very good at imparting his knowledge in an understandable manner.”

“Mike strikes a perfect balance between covering material quickly and ensuring time is taken in tackling trickier parts of a course – as a result his tutoring is both efficient and cost effective. His approachable manner and passion for Maths make it both easy to ask plenty of questions and his lessons very enjoyable. An excellent tutor.”