Cambridge and Warwick universities generally require candidates to sit one or more of the STEP papers and achieve certain grades as part of a conditional offer to study Maths (or Maths related courses).

Other universities, including Bath, Bristol, Imperial College London, King’s College London, Loughborough, Nottingham, Southampton and UCL may take STEP results into account when offering places.

Even if they are not mandatory I would encourage students intending to study Maths at university to attempt STEP. It is excellent preparation for degree level thinking and is designed to test candidates on questions that are similar in style to undergraduate mathematics.

Whilst STEP is based on material that is taught in A2 and Further Maths, students may not have studied all the relevant modules so are not expected to be in a position to attempt all of the questions. This is particularly true of the Statistics and Mechanics sections. Students are assessed on only best six questions attempted in each 3 hour exam, so the time that can be allocated to a question is likely to be significantly more than experienced at A-level.